• by Chippendales | August 17th, 2014

Thank you Daniel Borak for this wonderful review of Tap United (Boston, USA)

Dear Nancy Chippendale, Kelli Carberry, Karen Carberry, Kristina Carberry and Bob Carberry. I want to thank you so much for letting be a part of this year’s tap united! It was my third time there and it was amazing, like always. Thank you for the boots ride, all the dinners, the great time at your house,  at the studio, at the theater – thank you for letting us perform in the show! Kurt Csolak, it was so much fun to dance your piece, thank you! It was  beautiful to share the stage with Maud Arnold, Sarah Reich, Daniel Leveillé, Peter Sabasino, Kurt Csolak Ryan Casey, Jay Jan, Sean Fielder, Tap-Attack, Emanuele & Leonardo D’Angelo, Joshua Johnson, Tomas Slavicek, Maya Jain and the Nancy Chippendale Dance Company!

Dianne Walker, Derick Grant, Aaron Tolson, Jason Samuels Smith, Jo Casey Scanlan, Hannah Lake, Bill Fowler, Michael Wendt, JC Renzetti, Miguel Quinones, Matthew Hooper, Travis Doucette, all the rest of the faculty-members and all the students: Thank you all for the great time! =)

And get ready: Soon, Daniel Leveillé and I are going to present you the new video!